About Us

Rumex Herbal Extracts, Bulgaria, was created in 1993. Our Initial activity was distribution and trading with herbs and in 1997 the first extraction plant was created. Over 90% of our production exported in the USA and Canada. We are located in Sofia, Bulgaria, with main production unit located in northern Bulgaria, not far from the city of Vratsa. Click here for our contact information

Why working with Rumex Herbal Extracts

Rumex Extracts is the answer of the increasing demand of natural products globally. More than ever synthetic compounds are replaced by natural ones. Consumers prefer herbal products or products based on natural ingredients because of their proved health and ecological properties. The latter phenomena allows the market of natural products to grow fast.

Rumex Herbal Extracts offers only highest quality herbal extracts, using latest extraction technology in order to create more potent herbal extracts, where processes of destruction and loss of compounds of compounds are minimized, while keeping high rates of extraction.

Rumex Herbal Extracts is experienced in trading with companies manufacturing a variety of products (cosmetic, nutrition supplements and pharmaceuticals).

We are using only high quality raw materials which ensures the quality of our extracts. All herbal materials used are originated from Bulgaria, well known for its unique phytochemical properties.

We offer standardized and non standardized extracts depending on the needs of our clients.

Collaboration with our clients is very important fo Rumex Extracts. We are trying to modify the technology in order to bring to our client a product with properties most suitable for his needs and for further treatment.

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