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Rumex Herbal Extracts is a major manufacturer of herbal extracts in Bulgaria. The company was created in 1993 and since 1997 is producing extracts. The vast majority of its production is exported to USA and Canada. Click here for further information about Rumex.

The products , that Rumex Herbal Extracts offers on the market are dedicated to companies manufacturing a variety of healthcare products (manufacturers of shampoos and lotions, nutrition supplements, and pharmaceuticals). For more information about our products please click here.

Rumex Herbal Extracts is a small but flexible company trying to bring most adequate solutions to the dynamic market of natural products. We are working in close collaboration with our clients in order to offer best satisfaction of their needs. Together, we are working on modifying both - the structural finishing and compositions in order to create a product more suitable for further processing. That way our clients save lots of precious time and resources.

We offer manufacturing of specific extract on demand. If you dont find your extract in our list , dont hesitate to contact us. Rumex Herbal Extracts is able to adapt a technology and produce extract of plant material on your desire.

Extracts with materials supplied by the client. Rumex Herbal Extracts manufactures herbal extracts with materials supplied by the client in cases when the raw herbal material is not originated from Bulgaria. We are experienced with preparing extracts of exotic plants grown from Asia to Africa and South America.

For further information on our products and services we provide please click here for our contact information.

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